Saturday, March 8, 2008


Dear Kerry and Mario,

Can't tell you how much I have been praying for you both! As I read
your news in the e-mails Matt would forward to me, I was vaulted back 34
years ago at this time. Our daughter, Nancy, had been seizuring since
mid-summer. She had been born in April and seemed a perfectly normal
infant. I was immediately smitten with her. She rarely left my arms
while I was at home. However, as the months rolled on, we began to be
aware that she wasn't progressing as expected. Since she was our first
child, we weren't exactly sure, but we could just sense that all was not
right with her. The random arm motions that appeared in July began to
be more frequent, as did the fussiness that always accompanied them.
Finally, the first of September we met with a pediatric neuralogist. It
took until February, just two months before her first birthday, to have
a diagnosis. We were told to "find a place for her" because she would
never be able to do anything for herself.
Devastated, we went home. CRIED many more tears. Shouted at GOD.
Pleaded "Why?" One day I happened to be directed to Exodus 3-4; the
familiar account of Moses' encounter with the Living GOD. What the Holy
Spirit "smashed me over the head with" was GOD's reply to Moses' plea
that he couldn't go to speak on GOD's behalf to the Egyptians because he
was "slow of speech and tongue" (NIV 4:10) GOD said in verse 11: "The
LORD said to him, 'Who gave man his mouth? Who makes him deaf or mute?
Who gives him sight or makes him blind? (Now get this!) IS IT NOT I,
THE LORD?" GOD said HE was responsible for man's affictions.
You know what that did for this old dad? GOD told me that HE was in
charge. That Nancy's "condition" was perfectly in HIS perfect plan. I
could give up my worries, cares, concerns about the future for Nancy.
HE had everything under control. All that I had to do was love and care
for her. That's it! I didn't need to ask why. I didn't need to know
why. I had no grounds for anger at GOD, or anyone else. No need to be
resentful when Nancy's cousins could do things she couldn't. Nope! GOD
said all I had to do was love her. And, since I already did, I was FREE
to just do so all the more.
Now, I must confess that I had some grieving to so. I had to mourn the
death of MY vision for who my little daughter was going to be. . . . no
girl scouts, no silly sleep-overs, no sports or piano, no dating, no
wedding. I had to give all of that to HIM and just LOVE HER.
I'm rambling on to you both because I so much want you to know that
REESE has been given to YOU for HIS purposes. Embrace her because she
is a gift from our LOVING HEAVENLY FATHER who knows how to give good
gifts to HIS children (Matthew 7:9-12) HE will teach you so much about
HIMSELF through Reese in ways that HE can't even through Faith.
Dear Ones, my eyes are full of tears as I write knowing that you are in
pain as Carolyn and I have been in pain through the years as Nancy and
we have struggled to provide a life for her. Even today, Nancy and
Carolyn had to stay home from church because Nancy is having one of her
dizzy spells. But know this, HE IS FAITHFUL. HIS GRACE IS SUFFICIENT.
Just love her! HE will do the rest.
Know that Carolyn and I stand ready to support you both in whatever ways
we can as you learn to care for Reese in the days GOD gives you with
her. Please do us the honor of letting us encourage your hearts
whenever we can. Just let us know.

In HIS grace,

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