Saturday, March 8, 2008

Can't Breath! 11/13/2007

To our dear friends and family....

Well, it's been an absolutely gutt wrenching 24 hours! so many people have sent their love and prayers, and we are so grateful. if we haven't gotten back to you, please know that we are in a real period of grieving right now, and we know for a fact the Lord will bring us out of this.

Please pray for my awesome wife Kerry, Lord, I'm so thankful for my wife, so grateful! Pray for strength for her. Pray for a total peace in her heart. We know God will bring us out of this pit, it's just really hard right now to see the light.

i look at my beautiful, perfect Reese, and I honestly get scared for her future. trust me, we know God is in control of all of our days, just tough right now. please pray that she was misdiagnosed, pray for a total healing for her. pray for a long life, pray that her life will bring people to the Lord.

it's just so hard guys, i pray the Lord will take everything from me to make my child healthy.

We love you Lord, Ker and I are so grateful for you and your loving arms!

We love and appreciate you all so much too!

Mario (Reese's daddy)

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