Saturday, March 8, 2008

HIT IN THE GUTT! 11/12/2007

hey guys,

well, we have received the worst possible news about our little lady Reese.

we found out she has aicardi's syndrome, not what we had hoped and prayed for. the syndrome is very, very rare, only 500 cases in the world. if you google a.s., the prognosis is not good. usually mild to severe retardation is involved, and life expectancy is usually 7-14 yrs.


kerry and i have been drilled big time in the gutt! we are beyond hurt and in pain! the only peace we have is in the Lord, and in knowing He doesn't make mistakes! we praise and thank Him for that!

PLEASE, don't feel sorry for us, and don't feel sorry for our little girl. she is such a blessing to us, and we know God has her in the palm of her hand. God tells us not to worry about tomorrow, so we won't! We TOTALLY trust in Him and His plan for our family.

God is so good, please continue to pray for our family....

1. Strength

2. Peace

3. Wisdom for the doctors

4. God will be glorified!

Thx guys, your prayers have been such a blessing to us. we praise God for you!


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