Sunday, March 9, 2008

Little Soldier!

Reese and Kerry were in the PCH for a couple days last week, monitoring the seizures. The Docs are trying to find the right combo of meds to limit or even take away the spasms. Our prayer is that God takes them away for good! He started this, and He will most definitely finish!

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  1. she is just beautiful! i actually had to scroll back up to look at her again, because i thought it was a picture of a china doll. but no, it was baby reese! she looks so good. those eyes and lips! just beautiful.
    i have been praying for you guys and you baby reese. i wish i could do more. if there is anything you need, please let me know. kerry, i have a little something for miss reese. let me know when i can drop it off for you guys. as always, you and mario are a great example for the rest of us to follow. your faith is amazing.
    jill b


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