Thursday, April 3, 2008

Good News...

Hooray! We have good news today.
I (Kerry) took Reese into the ER at St. Joe's Wednesday morning after unsuccessfully trying to reach the Neurosurgeon's nurse. We got in for an MRI quickly but had to wait around the whole day (til 7PM) to actually talk to the NS. He compared the new MRI to the last one and said the new one actually looks better than the old and he is not concerned that her head has grown by 1 cm. He said he sees brain growth!!! Hooray--God is amazing, as is all of HIS creation. He said, based on this scan, he sees no reason for her crankiness. It must be attributed to something else--possibly one of her meds, teething, seizures. All good news to me--no surgeries today. I have to say, I was sure we'd be in surgery this week when I headed to the ER. So, they released us at about 8PM Wednesday night and we are home and getting back to normal life.
God is teaching me the most amazing things through this struggle. I feel so loved and cared for by Almighty God, even though we are in the midst of a still-raging storm. I am so thankful for our precious gift, Reese Elizabeth Grace D'Ortenzio. She is sent straight from the Lord, with all of her issues, for the purpose of drawing us closer to God. I praise Him that He loves us enough to do that. Because of Reese, we all see life differently. It is as if a veil has been lifted and those things that used to seem so important just don't anymore. It is as if I can hear God so much more clearly than I ever have and my love for Him is at a depth never before experienced. In Mario's words, "it is the most beautiful experience I would never wish upon anyone.":) Yes, it has been extremely difficult, painful, hard to understand, sometimes lonely, sad...but I am here to testify that God's plans are always perfect and are the best. Reese has already made a huge impact on us and I can't wait to see what our Lord has planned for her in the future.
Thank you for continuing to pray for healing for her brain. Please pray for protection over her body from the medications as well. Pray the seizures would subside and she would be comfortable and happy. Keep praying for that smile--I am so happy that we are beginning to wean her from some of the meds beginning tomorrow. I'm counting on a smile very soon!!!

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  1. You are such a testimony of faith! God is good, He is with you, and He will never leave you. I am praying for healing for Reese and for rest for your family. Praise God for giving Reese and the D-girls such amazing parents. I am praying she will smile today. Love to you, Shannon McDowell :)


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