Monday, April 14, 2008

The latest

It's been awhile since we updated...sorry for that! Sometimes life gets spinning so fast it is hard to keep up.
Reese has been on the Depakene for 2 weeks now. We immediately saw improvement in the seizures--they didn't go away but they became fewer, further between and less intense. We were cautiously optimistic but excited. Then they changed again, becoming much shorter and less intense but much more frequent. Ugh...I was disappointed. But I spoke with the doctor who told me this is actually a good sign. Although he wants complete control of the seizures, he said sometimes we see this happen when we begin to gain control. So, that makes me happy! Reese seems happier--not crying so much--and more awake and alert.
We have an appointment with our new Neurologist and new Neurosurgeon this week and next, respectively. Please pray that we like them!!! We could use some smooth sailing for awhile.
Reese was approved for Respite, which means the state will pay for a well-trained babysitter to give us a break 15 hours a week! I can't even imagine! I haven't left Reese for over 1.5 hours in the last 5.5 months. It makes me a little nervous but excited at the same time. We would like to hire someone we know or who comes highly recommended--and the state will train her--so please let us know if you have someone in mind.
What is God teaching me this week? I have to share in case it is an encouragement to someone else...
He's teaching me to surrender all of my anxieties, to lay them at the foot of the cross, to trust Him with the outcomes. He's teaching me to keep my eyes on Him instead of my circumstances...He is the constant, He never changes, He is perfect and trustworthy, He is coming again, He makes all things new. I say His name --Jesus, Father, Lord-- and I regain focus. I will not look to the left or right but will remain fixed on the giver of life, my savior, my redeemer!

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