Sunday, August 3, 2008


Reese woke up this morning with a fever of 100.4. Yesterday she was experiencing longer seizure episodes. It was Saturday, so I called the neurologist on call at Phx Childrens, who thought the increase was due to the weaning from the Phenobarbital. He had me give her a big dose of it and push her Phenobarb levels back up until I can speak with her doc on Monday. Ugh...
So we are watching her closely today. I talked to the neuro again today and he thinks she is sick, not reacting to the meds. The onset of the sickness may have been the culprit for more seizures. So far she is nursing well and is awake and alert. He said if that is not the case, she needs to be seen in the ER. Please pray for a quick recovery--no ER visits please!
Also please pray for wisdom for her doc tomorrow. We really want to continue weaning the Phenobarb but don't want to put Reese at risk.


  1. Ker, Praying for you all! You KNOW you can call, email, text, whatever!


Thanks for taking the time!