Sunday, August 10, 2008


What a joy it is to see Reese smile! Before the onset of the seizures in February, we got to see Reese smile and coo everyday. The seizures and/or the medication she takes to control them have suppressed both for the last 6 months. But every now and then she will let a smile peek through! I talked to another family whose daughter has the same condition as Reese. The mom said that once they got her off of the Phenobarbital she began smiling again. We are trying to wean her from that--although they did stop the wean for now because of a rough period. You can understand why I am so motivated to get that drug out of her system.
Last night Reese heard Olivia talking behind her and Reese turned her head to look at Livi and gave her a huge smile and a coo! This morning she stared me in the eyes and gave me a smile and a coo too! I told her, because of that, I forgive her for waking me up at 3:30! I can't tell you how much I cherish her smiles! They are the BEST!
Here are some things for which we need prayer:
1. Reese started waking up in the middle of the night to eat. I don't think so!!! Please pray that this is just a short-lived phase.
2. As we start her new diet this week...pray for protection and health over her tiny body. Pray that she will only be affected positively by the change in foods and that the seizures will cease!
3. Pray that we can continue to safely wean her off of Phenobarb and some other meds.
4. Pray for Faith and Mia as they start school this week!!! Pray for their mom (that's me) as she lets them go too!
5. Pray that our house will sell this week!
6. Pray for our ministry--God is so good and is doing amazing things!
7. And then there's Olivia--she's our little firecracker, love bug, sweetheart all rolled up into one 4 year old. I am looking forward to more one on one time with her.

Romans 6:13 "Offer yourselves to God, as those who have been brought from death to life."


  1. How special for Olivia to share that moment with Reese! I think Olivia has enough joy in her sweet face to make everyone smile! Your kindness can be felt in your smile as well! Reese is one lucky lady to have you all!


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