Friday, August 1, 2008

this week

We are well into the weaning process (from the Phenobarb.) and things were going well. Doc suggested that we start adding Klonapin morning and night while we are weaning. Klonapin is a tablet we have been using to stop long seizures or all together bad days. I know a few people who take it for migraines. So, when we started that we saw a huge improvement. Reese was having much fewer episodes and they were significantly shorter. I was so excited, but cautiously so (I've learned!!!). So we took the Phenobarb down another notch on Wednesday and things have gone back to yuck again. Yesterday was a bad day--lots of seizures, although they are still usually short. I am calling Doc today to see what he thinks. He said sometimes the weaning process causes a jump in seizure activity--but that is no fun for anyone!
We are scheduled to start the Ketogenic Diet on August 13th. I am excited about that--that is also the day Faith and Mia start real school. Big day for our family!!!

Here's a neat story from "Streams in the Desert" that has stuck with me this last week:

"I once saw a man draw some black dots on a piece of paper. Several of us looked at it yet saw nothing but an irregular arrangement of dots. Then he also drew a few lines, put in a few rests, and added a treble clef at the beginning. Suddenly we realized that the dots were musical notes, and as we began to sound them out we were singing,
Praise God from whom all blessings flow,
Praise Him all creatures here below.

Each of us has many black dots or spots in our life, and we cannot understand why they are there or why God permitted them. But when we allow Him into our life to adjust the dots in the proper way, to draw the lines He desires, and to put the rests at the proper places to separate us from certain things, then from the black dots and spots He will compose a glorious harmony. So let us not hinder Him in His glorious work!"

Would we know that the major chords were sweet,
If there were no minor key?
Would the painter's work be fair to our eyes,
Without shade on land or sea?
Would we know the meaning of happiness,
Would we feel that the day was bright,
If we'd never known what it was to grieve,
Nor gazed on the dark of night?

Many people owe the grandeur of their lives to their tremendous difficulties.--Charles H. Spurgeon

God is so good!

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  1. This is something I will forever reflect on as I face trials in life. Thank you for sharing this!


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