Friday, September 12, 2008

getting better

The seizures are improving, which has convinced me that the flurry was a result of the changes in meds. She has evened out to her normal seizure activity--not better than before the diet--but better than last week. But, the good news is that the doctor OK'd the weaning of Phenobarbital. We had tried this last month with some complications, so the wean was stopped. Today was her first decreased dose, and we already see more clarity. I cannot wait to see the difference in her when it is all out of her system. He also agreed that we can start to wean the other meds, with the exception of one. Yahoo! I am looking forward to this process.
Please pray for: an uneventful wean, no headaches, no crankiness (she cried more than usual today), for protection from the other meds, to achieve ketosis soon, and to see some positive effects in the seizures.

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