Tuesday, September 2, 2008

"Mario, why are you so Political?"

I have been asked that many times...I will share a personal story of why I'm passionately PRO LIFE.
When Ker and I went to our prenatal trauma doctor, this was recommended to us because of the cysts that were on little Reese's brain before birth, when Reese was just a few months old...the doctor sat us down and went over the future possibilities of what having Reese would mean...death, severe to mild retardation.
He started with saying, after seeing Reese with a level 2 ultrasound, that he would recommend an amnio to make sure what we were dealing with was something we would want to deal with....meaning we could have an abortion if there were issues with our baby Reese.
Abortion was never an option for us....NEVER! We both knew that Reese, as bad as it could be, is a gift from our God, the one who created her.
I heard Sarah Palin's story of her youngest son who has downs, and how the doctors recommended an abortion. Abortion with her as well was never an option. When her little boy was born, like Reese with us, said he is perfect! That is how we feel!
You see, God DOES NOT make mistakes, nothing gets past Him! He knew exactly what was going to happen to Reese, and all the details.
You see, Abortion IS NOT a political issue...it should not even be an issue! I DON'T CARE HOW YOU GOT PREGNANT, THAT LIFE IS SPECIAL AND UNIQUE...
Because God created her!
I can understand you being Pro Choice if you're an atheist, pagan etc...But is you're a Christian...this shouldn't be an issue for you at all!
I have had people tell me that adoption is too expensive?! Too expensive to give a living baby life?! I did a little research, and found out it costs NOTHING to give your baby up for adoption...NOTHING!
PLEASE, PLEASE understand me...I don't mean to judge, but this has become genocide!
So, who will I support in this 08 presidential election?
They are powerfully Pro Life, and yes, I want Abortion overturned!
Kerry and I thank God every day for our little Reese, and all of our girls! They are all a gift from God, and there is NOTHING you can tell me otherwise!
VOTE PRO LIFE this election!


  1. Mario - I get that you're passionate about this issue and I respect your position. If I were in your position I would have done the same thing. However, you and I have strong family and community support. I cannot imagine what that news would be like for someone who is alone, very poor or who had been sexually assaulted.

    While I am personally pro-life, I would consider myself politically pro-choice, because I think abortion unfortunately needs to remain a legal option. It should be restricted more than it is and not be used as a form of birth control, but it should be an option. As a minister and a woman, my job is to sit with women as they make the most difficult decision of their lives and if they choose to terminate their pregnancy, as much as I would choose differently, I have to respect that.

    II would also add that there has been a strong pro-life president in office for the last 8 years and nothing has been done to overturn Roe v. Wade, despite very conservative judicical appointments. The person in the Oval Office has very little to do with the abortion issue and whoever is elected in November will be inheriting a host of issues caused by George Bush and, rightly so, abortion will not be at the top of their list.

    I maintain that if a Christian person is going to claim to be pro-life, they need to be whole-life. I don't think that the best way to deal with abortion is through political channels. I think it means being in the lives of young men and women and mentoring them, teaching them to respect themselves and the opposite sex. It means not sending young men and women to die for oil. It means opposing the death penalty. It means housing, feeing and clothing teenagers who are kicked out of their homes for getting pregnant. It means throwing showers, offering free babysitting and tutoring for teenage moms. It's a lot harder than holding a picket sign.

    I would challenge you to broaden your political leanings to include the things that God has expressed the most concern for. I believe that God values and treasures the unborn. We can infer that from scripture. However there are over 2,000 scriptures that explicitly discuss God's love for the poor. Where is your outrage over how we have dealt with those less fortunate? Caring for the poor is about being whole-life and will help stem the tide of abortions in this country, but it's much easier blogged than done.

  2. thx for your response.
    we can go through every possible situation in the book..rape, mothers death, poverty etc..(what % are actually that specific case? VERY, VERY SMALL.)i feel those are excuses why you shouldn't be held accountable for your actions.
    I have many friends who grew up in poverty (no $$, drug, alcohol abuse etc..)that have high moral standards and accountability not only to themselves, but to God. We cannot use your reasoning as an excuse why we should keep abortion legal.
    What Obama wants is very simple...the government to take care of us, rich and poor. Allow the government to make your decisions..no personal accountability! Reaching out to the poor doesn't always mean give them $$$ right? there MUST be accountability! Read those 2000 passages about the poor, and what does it truly say? Give $$$ and things will be fine?
    NO...what it says is to love them, act as Christ did, and show them true joy that only comes from Jesus! You know who does a better job than the government, Republican and Democrat leaders, THE CHURCH!
    I want the government to do a few things for me...
    1. Keep me and my family SAFE!
    2. Provide solid healthcare
    3. Rewards for those who work hard (tax breaks) that's anyone with a job!
    4. Let us worship freely!
    That's it!
    I love the poor, like Christ does, but allowing "murder" to freely take place?
    Gotta say, God must dislike that BIG TIME!

  3. In looking back over my comment I don't see any mention of giving anyone money or of supporting any political candidate. In fact, what I said was quite the opposite. I said that the church needs to make the need for abortions go away by doing their job, which is defined in Micah doing justice, loving mercy and walking humbly with our God. I think that abortion is a symptom and not the problem and to outlaw it outright is to put a bandaid on a bullet hole. As the church we need to do our job of caring for people, whatever that looks like in our context, of being a community that is engaged in each other's lives so that no one is left out and if we do that we can put an end to all kinds of social ills, like abortion, poverty and abuse.

    I also said that pro-life needs to be whole-life and we need to make sure that all people of all ages in all stages of life are being valued equally. Yes, it's free to give up your child for adoption, but the thousands of dollars it costs to adopt a child is prohibitive. Our foster care system is overflowing with children who need good homes. As Christians, we should be the leading example of speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves, but that includes people of all ages.

  4. by you voting pro choice you are doing NOTHING to stop abortions!
    we agree to disagree.
    God Bless!

  5. Mario, I couldn't agree with you more! Thanks so much for taking a stand, I've been wanting to voice the same thing and couldn't find the correct words... so instead I put a link to your blog on mine. :) It means so much to have someone stand beside you in these 'biblical' issues especially when it's not accepted by the world. Thanks again! Amy

  6. I would like to say to the "brave" anonymous author the following:

    I am happy to read you acknowledge, "I believe that God values and treasures the unborn. We can infer that from scripture." That is where you should have stopped.

    Furthermore, is it not ridiculous how you choose to express such unbelievably unkind and insensitive comments? Have you read this family's blog? Do you have any sense of where they are coming from? It would be nice for you to take the time to encourage them in love, rather than shift the focus, allowing you to publish your overt arrogance. Your comments have no love perceived.

  7. Amen, Mario! You couldn't have stated it better. I agree with you wholeheartedly!

  8. I just want to respond to "anonymous"...
    Yes, I agree with everything you said about "whole life". I agree that God cares deeply for the poor and has called us to care for them. I agree and am outraged at our lack of concern and care for them--as a nation and as the Body of Christ. You are right--we have dropped the ball big time. We have a big job to do.
    With that said...if you truly believe that God cherishes the unborn, then abortion is clearly murder. So, if you are outraged at our lack of care for the poor, how can you possibly not be outraged at the acceptance of murder at the hands of our fellow Americans? My heart aches for the women who have chosen this, and I will never judge them for doing so. But as Christians who believe and love God, there is no room for compromise on this issue. I believe God's heart aches over what has happened in our country and around the world. We need to be honest--life begins at conception, and to willfully end that life is nothing short of murder.
    I am so much more passionate about this since Reese's birth for one reason. Many people--had they known about Reese's condition--would have chosen to abort her. She is medically complicated. But the saddest part of that to me is that you will never know the joy that she has brought us. She is the greatest gift we have ever been given because she has allowed us to see everything differently. She has allowed us to love deeper, feel deeper, appreciate everything. It makes me so sad that many people abort babies that aren't "perfect" because of the perceived burden. But they will never know what they missed out on. Yes, this journey has been difficult. But I would not change it for the world. Our "imperfect" baby has been the best thing that has ever happened to us. God never makes mistakes.

  9. I wanted to add something to my comment...
    The purpose of this blog is not political, so please forgive us this one time. It is just so painful to my heart to hear this issue debated.
    I never would want anyone to feel judged or condemned by my words. I know that Jesus' forgiveness is real and when He forgives he casts that sin as far as the east is from the west. There is true forgiveness after abortions. Please, let's not continue on with them...
    That's all. I just had to add that.:)


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