Friday, October 3, 2008


OK...I'm tired. I was the substitute teacher today in Faith's 4th grade class! It was a hoot to get to know all of those kids I hear so much about. They are adorable but totally wore me out. Mario asked, "So, you don't want to go back to teaching?" My response: "Please don't make me!" I don't know how teacher/moms do it. I love you people!
I am so proud of Faith. She works so hard, takes her studies seriously, and is such a kind friend. You know, some days I think I've made so many mistakes and wish I could have a do-over, and then I see her in action and just praise the Lord for what He has done with her. I'm so thankful He has filled in the gaps for us.:)
We had some Southwestern College students lead chapel and then visit the classroom. The theme of chapel was trusting God even when circumstances are difficult and even when God seems nowhere to be found (he told Joseph's story). I thought, "I can relate to that."
So when the students came to the class I asked them to share a time when they had to trust God through a difficult situation. One of the college guys offered to share...his dad had been killed in a car accident last year. Ugh...yes, he had a story to tell. He went on to say that he had trusted the Lord, clung to Him, and God has done wonderful things through it. He has bonded their family together, He has drawn all of them closer to Him.
I was so grateful for that testimony told before that group of kids. It made me think of God's mysteries once again. He perfects strength through weakness. That makes no sense to us! But God is not like us. He makes us weak for His purposes and through it He makes us strong. He is always preparing us for something bigger. His grace is sufficient.
Reese spent her first full day with a sitter! I missed her so much. I am so grateful that God is allowing me to take care of her full time. My heart broke at the thought of having to leave her in the care of someone else everyday. She had a really good day with our precious Stephanie. She was talking all day long--I could even hear her on the phone when I called to check in. She smiled again today! I love it!!!

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