Thursday, October 16, 2008

Video Celebrating Reese's First Birthday--The Year our Lord showed us how much He loves us!


  1. Tears of joy abound us for you all! Praise God for Reese!

  2. Tears are streaming down my face as I am reminded of just how much our God loves us all!!!
    I am reminded of the first time the Weigeles (in the KKSM office) said we needed to pray for little Reese. At this point I didn't know any of you but I was moved by your faith that was shared with me. I knew/know what is it like to pray for the life of a child and to put your trust in God alone!!!
    Many months later when I had the privilege to meet each and everyone one of you my life was hold little Reese and meet your 3 other precious girls was absolutely amazing. You and your family have touched my life and my families life by witnessing your walk with Jesus.
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful video with us and we will continue to pray for little Reese. Happy 1st Birthday princess Reese "a daughter of the King". We love you XOXO Kari, Steve, Mason, and Blaine.

  3. I am stunned! What a breath-taking picture of love and courage. I have followed your story for almost a year but this montage is an incredible piece that provides great insight into Reese's world. She is a beauty ... obviously very loved, very cherished ... doing her God-ordained work with grace. I am so glad the Lord gave you all to each other!

    Debbie Brown


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