Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Already have a Savior!

Well, it's over, done...finally.
As much as I would have loved to see the Pro Life, Anti Abortion candidates win this election, the Holy Spirit continues to whisper to me in that still small voice....
You see, God has ok'd this, this is all good to Him, and in saying that, it's all good to me!
As I watch the crowd in Chicago look at President Elect Obama, and see looks of love and honor, grace, passion, tears...I wonder, do we as followers of Christ look at Him, Jesus, NOT OBAMA, with that same awe?
I continue to wonder, you are on cloud nine right now, celebrating a true historic election, but...while driving home you get drilled by another car and die, will Obama be their to walk you into heaven?
Don't need a Savior, already have one, the ONLY TRUE SAVIOR, CHRIST MY LORD!
I want to share this with you, and guess what...it won't go over well.
From my old coaching days....GET OVER IT!
We have just elected a gentleman who is the most PRO ABORTION President EVER.
THE REALITY OF OBAMA'S LIFE RECORD....(I know people will say bills were wrong, he didn't mean it that way, He says he's anti abortion...)
I'm basing my argument on FACTS. In my book it's very simple, people...YOU VOTE FOR A PRO CHOICE, PRO ABORTION CANDIDATE, YOU ARE VOTING FOR ABORTIONS...PERIOD! Oh I get it, when over hundreds of thousands of babies are murdered every year, there will be a little * next to your name saying, I hate abortion, but I voted for it! Let me put it more simply...YOU VOTE NO ON ABORTION, ABORTION WILL END! YOU VOTE YES, IT WILL NEVER END!
This argument stems from when you believe that baby is a baby. I believe, as I believe God believes, that life begins when we are conceived! When I'm in the room with Kerry and we are hearing only a few week old heartbeat of one of 4 of my little ladies, THAT'S A LIFE, CREATED BY GOD FOR GOD! When we decide that life is not valuable, we play God, people, do you get that? We are ordering that child to death because life for us has been tough. We live in a very selfish world, and what abortion says to me is very simple...I don't have the support, my life is too hard, don't have the money..so, I will choose to make my life easier and kill this child the Lord has granted me as a gift, a blessing from our Creator.
In a previous post I commented why Kerry and I are so Pro Life, and ANTI Abortion. We saw the possibilities first hand with our little Reese. We had a doctor tell us it's not too late to stop the pregnancy. HOW DARE HE! Understand this, no matter how bad that little child has it in that womb, she is fearfully and wonderfully made by her Creator, God Himself. We may cry for days, but as he always does, He comforts us and tells us to BE STILL, trust Him.
When I hear 85-90% of Downs Syndrome babies are aborted, and over 50 million babies have been killed since 1973, I know something is truly wrong.
It is GENOCIDE and most people are looking the other way.
I hear Christians all the time say, "education is the key to stopping abortions!"
Why can't we outlaw abortions and spend millions of dollars educating that mother on the power of adoption? If we ok abortion, and hope education will end abortions, that like saying...murder is legal, we just need to educate more people on how bad it is?!?!
Abortion is murder, period, and I choose not, and WILL NOT argue with fellow believers as they try to preach to me that that life is not blessed by God, and should be looked at otherwise.
So we will carry this banner...to speak the truth about life, to protect the unborn, to defend God's Word, and to stop abortion in our country. It is a mission I gladly accept.
Life is valuable to me, whether it is an unborn baby, a disabled child, or another average person. All are valuable. But when we devalue the unborn and refuse them human rights...where does that end? The unborn child is inconvenient or imperfect, so they deserve to die? What then will they say about Reese? Is she too imperfect or too expensive? Does she deserve human rights? We do not make those decisions because God already has. His works are wonderful--I know that full well.


  1. i had tears in my eyes last night watching the election coverage. and i have tears in my eyes as i read your post. you are dead on! i hear all of the time that it is the woman's choice. and all i can think is what about the baby. what is that perfect little baby choice?
    as we watched the coverage last night, my daughter was playing by charlie and myself. and i was watching her play, i remembered the absolute joy and over whelming feelings of gratitude that we had when we found out that we were pregnant. it's too bad that alot of people put their needs ahead of that little baby.
    i am glad to hear your side, because it seems like we only hear their side.
    jill b

  2. I definitely went to bed last night with a heavy heart. I feel so defeated on most issues, but especially the abortion issue. It just breaks my heart that our country allows this barbaric act--not to mention infanticide! God, have mercy on us all. But like you say, God is ok with this, so I'm choosing to trust Him completely with the future. We're so blessed to know God's plan for us and for Israel. He lays it out in His Word. His plans will not be thwarted! Praise God for that!


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