Monday, November 10, 2008

So Great!!!

Reese is doing so great!!! Today was one of her best in a long time. She is alert, happy, vocal. Her OT couldn't believe how wide-eyed she was through her therapy session. We even got to do "puppy therapy" with Gracie! Gracie loves the taste of Reese's skin--either the formula residue or her coconut oil lotion tastes yummy. Gracie licked Reese's face, hands, neck...I know those of you who are not dog lovers are totally grossed out right now! But the OT and I were thrilled at how Reese responded to it. She didn't like it, so she whipped her head around and tried to push Gracie away. Good muscle movement, Reese! Then Gracie curled up and went to sleep next to Reese for the duration of the appointment. The OT said, "well, you picked the right dog!" God is so good.:)
God is working hard on my eternal perspective. I found myself consumed with the election, the state of our country, so many depressing issues. Then I realized--I am full of grief and my head is not where God wants it! I laid all that garbage at His feet and He reminded me to look at it all in light of eternity. All that matters to Him in that light is our hearts--are they seeking after Him? Are we His hands and feet here on earth? The other stuff is just periphery. It can consume us, but you know what? It is meaningless, utterly meaningless. Bank accounts, lack there-of, houses, clean floors, organized closets, politics...not worth our worries. God has commanded us not to fear--more than any other command in His Word. He has already won the victory, so my mission is to keep my eyes on eternity. One of the greatest blessings that only comes as a result of suffering is a longing for heaven. Everything else just pales in comparison, so let us work with eternity in mind and forget the rest.:)


  1. What an uplifting perspective! You sure know how to breathe a breath of God's fresh air! Truly an inspiration!

  2. i love hearing the good news! i will continue to keep her in my thoughts and prayers. (and your family also)


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