Sunday, January 4, 2009

I love Sundays!

I find it so funny when I am reading something--a scripture or a book--that really impacts me and then I hear that same passage or author quoted in church or through a friend. I know it is no accident, but it always amazes me. God has worked that way in my life more times than I can count and when He does, I know He is trying to get my attention. I LOVE it!
This morning I opened my favorite devotional, Streams in the Desert, and read a passage that I distinctly remember reading January 4th, 2008. It had a huge impact on me a year ago and I committed one of the quotations to memory: "The beginning of anxiety is the end of faith, and the beginning of true faith is the end of anxiety."--George Mueller. I hadn't committed the author to memory a year ago, but this morning I paused, looked at his name, recognized it, and wondered about his background.
We left for church, expecting to hear from one pastor, who was not there because of an injury. I was surprised and excited by the last-minute replacement, Dr. Tim Kimmel. I always love hearing him teach. Guess who he used as an illustration of courage? George Mueller!! He told the story of how Mueller saw a huge need in London for orphanages that truly cared for children at a time when thieves were using street orphans for their own gain. He took children in and trusted God completely to provide their food and all of their needs. He had true faith and He has written about it, blessing us decades later.
It is so funny because God has been building in me a love for and a desire to help orphans as well. He is always at work and always revealing ways that He wants to use us. Please check out this website: and look at the faces of these children in need. I can tell you more if the Holy Spirit moves you to help. But I know we need to spread the news about how many people God is calling us to help. You can feed an orphan for $40 a month. If you are able to give more than that, please consider it. I WISH we had the means to sponsor all of them. We don't, but I know some people let's do it together!!!
So...what is true faith? Trusting God no matter what we see. The absence of anxiety. Believing what He says is true.
2009 will be the year when our faith in God causes us to live lives surrendered to Him, trusting Him, giving more even though our bank accounts have less, and drawing others to the Father because of the light of Christ in our lives.

Reesey is good! She is tracking well, is cooing and trying to talk, and is doing her best to fight the seizures. We're still working on it. But I am thanking God in advance that He has it taken care of. Thank you, Lord, for placing your hand on this child and I praise you for what you will do in her.

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