Friday, June 12, 2009

Leaving today

I know I need to update on so many things. Life has been extra busy over the last 2 months with Reese's unexplained fever and school ending. It is a blur. After all of the testing, they were not able to find a cause of the fever. The Pediatrician and our Neurologist have concluded that it must be a Neurological fever, meaning her brain is having issues setting her body temp. So we just move forward and keep watching her carefully. This has been stressful and taxing.
One other issue is eating. During this stretch with the fever, Reese stopped sucking the bottle. This creates a challenge to get enough fluid in her. She eats solids 3 times a day, but we also need to get enough liquid in her to keep her sufficiently hydrated. We have been using an oral syringe but always fall short of the amount of liquid her dietitian would like her to have. We agreed--the dietitian, pediatrician and I--on a smaller amount of liquids, but that is still difficult to reach. Lots of prayer needed here.
We are leaving for the mountains of Colorado today. We are so excited. Last year it was a wonderful experience for all of us, including Reese!! She responded so well to the altitude. Because of the high altitude, it is important for everyone to drink lots of water! So, I am asking for LOTS of prayer that we can get Reese to drink and drink and drink until her diaper overflows!!
I wish I had more time right now...but there is much packing to be done.
But...praise the LORD...the xray came back clear and her labs were perfect. Thank you, Lord.
Please keep praying for the fever to go away.
Please pray for her to drink.
Please pray for a wonderful family vacation with no surprises from little missy.:)
Please pray for my sweet friend, Ashley, who is recovering from brain surgery--full, quick recovery and no more pain. She has amazing courage and strength.

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