Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Reese had another blood study done yesterday as well as a chest xray. We are searching for the cause of the fever she has now been running for almost 6 weeks. Ugh...I'm exhausted.
I talked to the Ped this morning who said the blood shows no inflammation (few!! Big sigh of relief) but the Xray shows a "mark". The radiologist and the Ped believe it may be an "artifact", meaning something got in the way--clothing or something--but nevertheless, we need to do another Xray. Ahhhhhhh!!!
So...she said not to be worried, so I am doing my best.
Reese is acting normal and her seizures have been better!! Yahoo! She always keeps us on our toes...and our knees.
We will go in Thurs or Friday for the Xray and will have the results hours later. If the mark shows up again they will order a CT Scan to see more. Please pray...

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  1. i'm on it... keep us posted. i loved seeing you guys last week. i always feel a sence of great peace when i am in your house, around your family. zella had a great time! and she can't wait to play with olivia again.
    jill b


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