Saturday, July 11, 2009

The stares and questions

A lot of people commented about my problem with people staring at Reese and kids making comments. Reese's life is hard enough without people staring. Our life is hard enough without having to answer strangers' questions. Here is what I want people to know: just smile at the parents. I know people are curious and they have a hard time looking away. I know they are watching how we handle this. I get it. I cannot stand it when adults walk by the stroller and just stare at her. Those who look up and smile at me or encourage me are a breath of fresh air. So, next time you see a parent with a disabled child, don't ignore them, don't stare. Just smile and say hello. They have been through a lot. My two cents...:)

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  1. I am ready to get back to work with my little trooper on Tuesday. She looked Great on Brownie and I cannot wait to see her.

    Hope the trip was great



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