Sunday, August 23, 2009

much better!

Reese is doing so much better! I cannot believe it is the 23rd already and I have not posted for 10 days, but life has been crazy. Where to start?
Well, Faith, Mia and Olivia are back in school. Olivia is a full time kindergartner now! Ugh! That was really tough and I miss her a lot while she is gone.:)
But I get lots of time with Miss Reese, which I love.
Seizures: She has only had one seizure a day for the last 4 days. Hooray!!! I am very happy with that, as we have come down significantly over the last 2 weeks.
Throw up: She is only throwing up occasionally. Hooray! The last time she threw up was on Tuesday, the first day of school. We were in the car and Faith caught it with a cup while we were driving! Not only did she save the day...she overcame a HUGE fear of throw up. I am So proud of her.
The surgery: We had an appointment with the surgeon on Wednesday and we have a G-tube surgery scheduled for Friday, September 4th. Amazingly, we are both totally at peace about it. I KNOW that is the result of prayer because a few months ago I was saying, "there is no way she is getting a tube!" But God has given us the strength and wisdom we need when it is time. It is clearly time and it is best for Reese, so we can confidently move forward.
Hope Kids: We are on a roll with our fundraising for Hope Kids! It is so exciting to me!! We are doing a 5K family walk on Sunday, Sept. 20th for Hope Kids. I am honestly so moved by the generous donations from so many different people! If you want to donate go to To learn more about Hope Kids go to In addition, I attended an Arbonne conference over the weekend. There were 300 people there and to my surprise, they were raising money for Hope Kids on behalf of Reese! I was so touched and humbled, but of course so grateful. Reese came with me on one of the days and I answered LOTS of questions.:) What's going on with the nose? Will she get over this? Do they expect her to start eating again? What is wrong with the baby?! (yes, that was a child!) Oh my, it's so interesting!!! I'm learning to love it!:)

So all is well on the D'Ortenzio home front. I feel like we are back to normal, somewhat. Ahhh...sigh of relief.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, with prayer and petition, present your requests to God. And the peace of God which transcends all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.

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  1. I got goose bumps while reading your post. I love watching God work!!


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