Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What a week!

If anyone finds the mind I have lost, please let me know! My head is spinning. Over the last week, Mia, Olivia and Reese all came down with a fever. Mia and Olivia bounced back within 2 days but Miss Reesey has not. Her fever subsided after 2 days but then she came down with a cough. Last night she vomited 3 times and the fever spiked at 102.7...and we were up all night. I debated whether to take her to the ER, but her Neurologist's words resonated in my head, "Stay out of the ER at all costs." So I took her in to her Ped first thing this morning. They swabbed her nose and....she has the Swine Flu. Oh my heart dropped. Well, it is Influenza A, which she said has only shown to be the Swine so far this season, so they are not even sending it in for testing. She said the other girls probably had it too, but because they have strong immune systems they fought it off quickly.
The good news is...they started her on Tamiflu, her lungs sound clear, her oxygen levels are perfect and the doc said with surprise, "She seems to be handling it really well." That makes me feel better, but I can't believe she got it even after my craziness in protecting her.
I am tired, my head is spinning, and I'm concerned for my precious girl. Please pray for her to recover quickly without any complications.
Her 2nd Birthday came and went in the midst of all this yuck. I am praising God for another year with her. She has brought us so much joy and has taught us so many wonderful things about her incredible, indescribable Creator. I stand in AWE!!!


  1. I bet your head is spinning. I hope lil' Reese "kicks" that virus quickly. Thinking of you...


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