Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The best things...

It is already the 23rd and I did not send out Christmas cards again!!! Ahhhhh! Should I try for a New Years card? I have not sent out a card since Reese was born, so I really want to update people who we don't see regularly. We shall see if that happens!:)
I am feeling stressed today!!! So much to little time. We are having a crowd over for Christmas and nothing is wrapped yet. Nothing like a deadline to light a fire under me! But...despite my crazy schedule, I felt the need to update the Blog.
Reese is doing SO well! I am rejoicing in the Lord because Reese is so happy. She is all smiles, wiggles and giggles. The feeling is indescribable! She is having one episode a day, consistently. I can count on an "s" after her noontime nap. But that is progress. When I see her feeling well and so happy, I am happy. Yesterday she had a session with her PT. She was holding her head up and he said it was her best session ever!!! Thank you, Lord!! He is doing something miraculous in her. She is looking all around, loves her tree, but especially loves people. When she sees her sisters, she smiles a huge toothy grin, wiggles as if she wants to get up, and lets out a squeal. It is precious to them and to me. But...I think Daddy always remains her favorite. No fair.
I took Mia to see the Moscow Ballet Nutcracker last night. It was a beautiful, special time with just Mia and me. I asked her what wonderful things were happening in her life. She said, "Well the best thing was when Reese was born." I said, "Really? Why is that the best thing?" She looked at me and said so matter-of-fact, "Because she lit up my life!" Wow...I am still tearing up. I feel so blessed.
And do you want to know how sweet Faith is too? I only had 2 tickets to the Ballet, so I had the girls choose numbers from a hat to see who would go. Faith won the drawing, but when she saw Mia's face and eyes welling up, she said, "Mom, I want Mia to go." I'm so touched by her sweet heart and I learn so much from her. She is so much sweeter than I am. I never would have done that...sorry Kristen (that's my older sister).
Merry Christmas to all!!


  1. Hmmm...I got a beautiful card with a picture of a beautiful family that looks just like yours!! Are you sure you didn't send out any cards? :)
    I'm so glad to hear that Reese is doing so well!!

  2. Kerry, my how blessed you are:) Your girls' loving relationships with each other is so refreshing to read about. You're raising some true unselfish Godly children. I'm so happy to hear that Reese is doing so well! Merry Christmas!


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