Monday, January 11, 2010

Interesting Day...

We tried to get labs from Reese this morning, but her little, tiny veins didn't want to put forth any blood. They poked both arms and said we need to come back in a few days to try again. Poor little thing! She squirmed and made funny faces but no tears--my hero.
Later this afternoon, I stepped outside to get Reese loaded in the car and pick up the girls from school. There were 4 police cars, 2 fire trucks, and they were taping off our street with crime tape. Another 4 police SUVs pulled up and I had to leave. I came back to find out that one of our neighbors shot and killed himself, possibly by accident. My stomach aches for this family.
We quickly got 2 phone calls from 2 different neighbors making sure we were OK when they saw the commotion. They thought it might be Reese. That made me really sad and thankful at the same time. Don't know if that makes sense.
Pray for our neighbors please.:)

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