Friday, February 19, 2010


Reese got her first haircut!! Finally. I will post a recent pic very soon, I promise. That is my goal for 2010--to get my pics under control and printed. I think I am 2 years behind.
I was determined for Reese to have long hair. It has always been a pet peeve of mine when I see girls with special needs with short, boyish haircuts. I thought...Reese will have long hair and I will braid it every day. She is going to be feminine! I know why the short hair. Because she is in her seat so much and moving her head from side to side, she wears the hair right off the back! And what is not worn off gets knotted and becomes a big dreadlock mess. Someone suggested we let her hair all go into dreads, but that is not her style.:) So, we cut it off...sniff...sniff.
Today is Olivia's 6th birthday! Party time...she just walked in from school.:)


  1. happy birthday olivia!!

    (i don't like the dreads either...)

    jill b

  2. Short hair is definetly the in style. She will look adorable no matter how long or short her hair is!


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