Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Way too long since my last post...I can't remember everything that has happened!
We have been so so super busy...but here are the highlights

1. tried to wean Reese off of the Keto diet but seizures got worse...we are going back on it!
2. spent a week at Wind River Ranch and Reese rode Brownie, her mini horse.:)
3. attended our first Aicardi Syndrome Conference and had a remarkable time meeting other families.
4. Reese needs glasses--has astigmatism, but doc said her vision looks the best she has ever seen it. Go figure!
5. We started the process to transition Reese into preschool in October. We are praying for the right placement.

She is a joy, as always!


  1. Love the new header pic, Kerry!!:)

  2. glad to see your back. i think the preschool will be an amazing adventure for little Reese! oh the things she will see and do...
    jill b


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