Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Surgery Scheduled

Reese is scheduled for surgery on January 31st. We are having a Vagus Nerve Stimulator implanted to help with seizure control. Although it is neurosurgery, is it done through the neck and chest. Please pray with us that it goes perfectly and that we see excellent results! She has a cold right now, so please also pray that she is well by the 24th so we can keep the surgery scheduled.
Things are good, but man we have been busy. So we spend all of December getting ready for Christmas and all of January recovering? What is wrong with this picture?:)
Reese is happy and doing fairly well but the seizures seem to be creeping back. We are hopeful about the VNS, although the neurosurgeon definitely lowered my expectations. Only 1/3 of patients see a marked improvement. 1/3 see a minor improvement and 1/3 see no improvement at all. We are believing Reese will be in the top 1/3, of course!

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