Thursday, October 2, 2014

The VAN!

Our Wheelchair Van is here!

4 years ago, we started talking about the need for a Wheelchair Van for Reese. We knew it would probably be a necessity since she was not holding her head up, let alone walking.

My sister in law, Jackie, offered the idea of some type of fundraiser for Reese. A great idea, but putting together a "run" or a "walk-a-thon" would take lots of time, a commodity neither of us has a lot of lately. So I started praying.

God has taught me to commit my big dreams to Him and wait. It started with our piano. When our girls were little, I decided they needed to take piano lessons, but our house was sans piano. Huh. Problem. I checked the prices and realized it would be awhile before that fit into our budget. So I decided to pray. I just put the piano on my list and asked God to give us one. It seemed crazy, as I knew there were much bigger problems in the world. But it was fun to have a little secret dream just between us. Every time I thought about the piano, I just asked him to provide it. I didn't tell anyone because I wanted him to wow me.

Months later, my mother in law called and asked, "Do you want a piano? I have a client who is getting rid of one and she wondered if I wanted it." Ha! You bet I did!! That bad boy is in our home today, a gleaming reminder of God's care for even the little desires of our hearts. He wowed me alright. AND a recording artist was here the other day, playing our piano, and he commented on what a great piano it is. Of course it is, I thought. God doesn't deliver junk! It made me smile.

So I applied the same faith to our van. Years ago, while praying, God assured me that He would provide a van for Reese. I knew He would, I just wasn't sure how or when. As she got bigger, I reminded Him of His promise. You didn't forget us, did you?:) I keep checking the driveway, and it's not there yet...

My sister, Kristen and SIL, Jackie set up a Gofundme page in August. It was a "let's just put it out there" type of campaign. I guess we will just see what happens?

So it was out there. And people started giving. A friend called the TV station and they reported the story. Every gift touched my heart deeply. We received gifts from $5 to $14,000 and everything in between. We received gifts from dear friends, sweet family and from perfect strangers. Gratefulness welled up in me at the sight of every name. I couldn't help but think these people could spend this money on anything, but instead, they are giving it to us with nothing expected in return. It was beautiful, selfless, moving.

Jumping off the page, Galatians 6:2 spoke to me this week. "Carry each other's burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ."

God has called us to carry each other's big stuff. When things get too heavy, we are to come alongside and lighten the load. And in so doing, we look a lot like Jesus. I think this is why I've been so moved by this incredible gift to us. So many people came alongside us and said, "Let me help you with that. This is big, but I can help." And to me, they look a lot like Jesus. And He is so beautiful.

So to everyone who made Reese's Wheels a reality…we say thank you! You are a HERO to Reese and us, you are selfless, kind, appreciated and loved. When you see Reese rolling around town, let it be a reminder of the burden you lifted and allow it to encourage you to continue lightening loads, lifting people, looking for those who are carrying more than they can bear, and do what you can to spread some good old fashioned love.:)

Once again, God came through. And like He always does, it was more than I imagined. He is faithful. I wasn't sure how He was going to do it this time. But He chose to use people. Lots of wonderful people. Thank you, people. We love you.


  1. Congratulations!! So happy and excited!! We kept checking on this to see if you reached your goal!! Can't wait to see pictures!!! Go Team Reese!!!! <3

  2. Celebration time!! Your life is exemplary and your words continually show me how to trust God and walk by faith "beyond what we ask or think". Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love celebrating with you God's answers to your prayers. The provisions you receive help to give me steadfastness in praying for the needs in our family. We know, too, the wonder of God's answers and the generosity of wonderful people.

  3. Glory be to Our Almighty God..!!! I'm crying now, your story really touches my heart. I had encounter with God..)) I promise you from today , Team Reese is going to received a lot of donations. I'm a sender from God. My message to the world: God's alive

  4. woohoo! We were praying and praying!!


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