Thursday, December 3, 2009

Guess it is December now...

For those of you who have been asking when I am going to post again...I am touched. It really means so much to me that people read our blog and care about us!
November was a total blur and I probably cannot tell you 3 things that happened. Life is always crazy around here but when Reese throws us a curve, things are super, uber crazy mode. I'm drowning in laundry!
You know Reese had the flu, which lasted almost 2 weeks it seemed. She was so sweet little Reesey was cranky! Then the flu subsided and she was still cranky. I took her in to see the doc because of it. We did some exploring and she would cry when the doc touched her hip. She ordered an xray, sure there was nothing broken. She would scream in pain, right?
Doc called later that night in disbelief. She had a fractured femur!!! She had no falls, no accidents, nothing. Our best guess is that she actually broke her leg in a seizure. At the very beginning of the flu she had a very strong seizure--at the onset of the fever. Mario and I both watched with concern. From that point on, she was cranky. So by the time we realized she had a broken leg, the fracture was 2 weeks old! Oh my...I won't hold my breath for my Mother of the Year award!:) We (and the docs of course) were attributing the crankiness to the Swine Flu!!! Ahhhhh! And then we got on a plane with Reese and flew to Portland.:) I made her wear a mask and had her hooked up to her tube. We got some stares! It was funny!!! I think one gal positioned herself to stare at us the whole flight!:)
So now her leg is great, her health is wonderful, and she is ALL smiles. It is so much fun!
We are seeing typically 1 episode a day, but it is usually a fairly ugly one. She's on 6mg Lamictal twice a day along with Clonazepam and Zonisamide. We started to wean the Zon., but I think it might be one that works for her, so we need a convo with the Neuro tomorrow.
As for us...we are great! Girls are great, enjoying the Christmas season. Mia just informed me we only have 22 day to go!!
As for Reese, I know God is healing her. I thank God for what He is doing. He is the same yesterday, today and forever! You know what else He is teaching me...SLOW DOWN AND ENJOY.

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  1. So thankful that Reese is doing better and that her flu and fracture are healed! You still rank as a contender for the mother of the year award in my estimation!Now enjoy the Christmas season with your beautiful family. The Lord is our peace! Micah 5:5, Eph 2:13-14.


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