Saturday, March 8, 2008


hey guys!

well, we can take home our little one this coming Sunday, FINALLY!

we have all the experts opinions on the prognosis of our little Reese, and they are....she is missing a couple parts of her brain that never developed. The neurologist who looked at her MRI told us the pieces missing alone, people are totally fine, no problems. But, compound the other missing part and cysts, they don't know what to plan for developmentally. Do any of us know what the future holds? NO! But the one who created her does! I look at our situation and can't think of a better mom for Reese, or any of our daughters to have than Kerry. I thank the Lord for my AWESOME wife!

Reese will be loved and with or without learning disabilities. She is a healthy, beautiful baby girl. We are so grateful for that! By God's grace she is ok, and ready to live her life in a loving, God fearing family!

We are so grateful to the Lord for our little lady, PRAISE JESUS for Reese!

We praise Jesus for you and your prayers. I so look forward to sharing the miracles that the Lord did for Reese. He answered so many prayers, comforted us when uncertainty came, and revealed His power when Satan attacked!

Please pray for one thing....that the D'Ortenzio family will represent Christ in a way that He would smile when our names are mentioned in heaven. That's why were are here right? We are here on earth to prepare for eternity with Him! PUMPED!

We are bringing our daughter home on Sunday, and our lives will continue to move at light speed. Always praising Him for how good He is! This family will NEVER be normal, we are a family passionate about our Savior!


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