Saturday, March 8, 2008

१/१६/२००८ Healing

hey guys...been getting a bunch of you asking how Reese has been doing.

Ker and I believe God is healing our little lady! she is doing things that in reality she shouldn't be doing. Reese is now 12 weeks, and doing things a 4 month old should be doing. Our family plus Ker and I can explain it, we just say "THANK YOU LORD!"

please be praying for a couple things....

1. that the water on her brain would be evaporated by her brain. She has hydrocephalus, and we don't want to put a shunt in that would last a lifetime. We pray the fluid would be absorbed, and her head would not grow do to the pressure. WE TRUST IN THE LORD!

2. Her right eye has an infected clogged tear duct, very painful! Please pray it goes away!

3. Continued TOTAL physical healing. We know she will be TOTALLY HEALED!

Be still and know I am God - Psalm 46:10

Ker and I pray that if you don't know the true peace that ONLY comes from Christ, you will seek, and WILL FIND the peace only Christ can offer!

more MIRACLE updates soon!

Thank you Lordreeesesmile.jpg

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