Saturday, March 8, 2008


good morning guys....

a bunch of you have been asking for an update on our little lady Reese.

she is 4 mos. now! time flies...!

Kerry just took Reese to the to the epilepsy center at Phx Children's Hospital, our neurologist wants to get a handle of the seizures now, so they will monitor her for 24 hours to see exactly what is going on, and how they can and will combat them.

her seizures have not gone away, and so the best docs in the biz want to take care of them instead of pumping her with med's hoping to find the right one.

other than the seizures, she's doing good. she is so medicated, she's usually out of it during the day. when the specialist look at her to monitor her development, they all say she's doing really well, we are thankful for that!

Please pray for a few things.....

1. they will figure out exactly what kind of seizures they are, and get her on the right medicine.

2. when they put her on the med's that she will have no side affects. these are powerful medications, very powerful, please pray she will be fine on them, AND THEY WILL WORK!

3. she will smile. she has been so mediated, that she hasn't smiled one of Reese's pretty little smiles for close to 2 weeks. that's tough for us. Pray her happy self will be back soon!

4. Pray the seizures will go away...period!

5. Dr. Buchalter (our neurologist), we know God has brought us to Him, Ker and I are thinking for bigger and better reasons....GET ME? He's real uncomfortable about the "God thing"....LOVE IT!

Once again, God is awesome! We are so blessed with all the prayers. We also pray that God will use little Reese's platform to bring people to, nurses, etc... That's what it is all about...right?

Thx guys

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