Saturday, March 8, 2008


WOW, what a great Super Bowl! Pretty cool it was in our backyard!

Wanted to give you an update on little Reese!

Last Monday, Reese started having seizures, so we rushed her to the emergency room. The doctors presumed that it was because she had brain surgery a few days prior, and because of that, her sodium levels were seizure level low. The doctors began to bring her sodium levels up, which took 5 days in the hospital, and she still had the seizures. Her sodium is great now, she's home!

We spoke to the head of epilepsy at the Phx Children's Hospital, and he explained to us that it was pretty inevitable that we would see seizures with Reese. Because of her water on the brain, cysts, missing corpus collosum, brain surgeries, we were bound to start having them.


It's wild to look back and see God's mighty hand directing us through some very uncertain and tough times. A few months back I kept getting little pop ups on my computer about this new neurologist at PCH that specializes in epilepsy, and created a full blown epilepsy unit at PCH, a world renowned unit in our hometown! I would literally get pop ups on my computer about this guy, having no idea why! I got so many of them, I had to check him out, once again, not knowing why. See how the Lord works, He takes care of His! We have an appointment on the 18th with that same doctor.


We have no idea what the future holds for Reese, or any of us for that matter. All we know is God is GOOD, and He loves us more than you can ever imagine!

I cannot imagine doing this without the Lord.....PERIOD!

We ALL will be going through tough times in life, that's a given, WHO ARE YOU GOING TO LEAN ON?! Allow the God that created those times to get you through!

We have a happy, healthy little lady who loves her mommy, and adores her 3 sisters. WHAT MORE COULD WE ASK FOR!

We praise God for you and your prayers!



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