Saturday, March 8, 2008

Reality. 10/27/2007

Good Morning Guys,

Kerry and I were falling to sleep last night, when we got a phone call at 10pm from our neurosurgeon.

Dr. Moss started telling me that the large cyst looks a little different from the last MRI taken a month ago, and sees a little discoloration in the cyst which could be blood or something else, he doesn't know what it is. He said he's a little concerned about it, and wants to do a "dye" MRI (they will inject dye through an iv, not having to put her to sleep, and the dye reveals what it is)sometime today, Saturday, to know for sure what it is, and what we are dealing with.

He told us that the docs would page him with the results and let us know ASAP what it found out.

We don't know how to feel right now guys....all we know is God loves this little girl more than Kerry and I could! There is a bunch of uncertainty right now, a lot of uneasiness, but God's grace is all we need, and we run to that.

Please pray for a few things...

1. the MRI comes back ok, no surprises.

2. for wisdom on what to do next.

3. Total healing on our little girl.

4. Comfort from the Holy Spirit.

We have gotten so many emails, texes, just know we are grateful. We can't have visitors until we get home due to the sensitivity of the situation, sorry guys! BTW, we are at Good Samaritan Hospital.

I'll keep you updated, please continue to pray for Reese and her family, we need the Lord more than ever!

God is Good!


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