Saturday, March 8, 2008

Surgery Prep....10/28/2007

Good Sunday Guys!

Today we take little Reese over to Phx Children's Hospital to have a "dye" MRI that will tell us and the doctors exactly what the fluid is in the cyst.

Tomorrow, Monday, they are planning on doing surgery to remove the fluid in the cyst because they feel it is putting pressure on Reese's brain. They also want to do a biopsy on the cyst within the large cyst to see what it is made of.

PLEASE PRAY for a couple things....

1. The MRI goes great today, no surprises! They have to sedate her, pray that goes well.

2. Surgery tomorrow, pray is goes just WONDERFULLY! Pray that everything will be just fine, and the docs will do a great job.

3. Pray for strength for Ker and me....we so feel God's grace and peace!

He is in total control, we BELIEVE THAT!

Thx so much guys!



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