Saturday, March 8, 2008

SUCCESS! 1/26/2008

Well, WE ARE HOME! It took literally all day for the doc to get back to us about the results to today's MRI, but at 7pm he told us the fluid in Reese's brain is running where it needs to run, and it looks how they hoped it would! ALL GOOD!


The surgery was a total success, we believe it is a miracle from God. She has changed a bit...Ker and I noticed tonight that she doesn't cry when she wakes up, and when you pick her up! She is more alert than ever too!

We are so proud of our little soldier! She battled some real serious circumstances, and came out victorious with the Lords leading! One of the doctors was explaining to us that her surgery was a "very serious operation." TRUE LITTLE SOLDIER! BATTLES BABY!

Please continue to pray for a couple things for her...

1. the brain and fluid continue to do what needs to be done. No surprises! We want to look back and say the surgery was a huge success, and she didn't need another surgery on her head!

2. no infection!

Thx so much guys for your help and support...we are so blessed to have you!


Mario and Kerry

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