Saturday, March 8, 2008

SPASMS BEGIN...1/31/2008

Good Morning Guys!

Well, Ker and I have had a LONG, LONG week! On Monday night I noticed Reese having a seizure (HORRIBLE TO WATCH), they continued through Tuesday, the doc finally told us to take her to the emergency room for tests to see what's going on.

It took OVER AN HOUR to find a little vein to put the IV into. They poked and prodded, breaking Kerry's heart! They got an IV in, and did some blood work to see if her blood was ok.

Her blood results told us that her sodium levels were very low. A normal level would be 140-145, Reese's were 119. When your sodium gets that low, you have seizures, and the reason her sodium was so low was that she had brain surgery last week. THEY KNOW WHY SHE IS HAVING THE SEIZURES, AND CAN TAKE CARE OF IT! THANK YOU JESUS!

Reese and Ker need to be in the PICU for 2 days to get her sodium levels up. Ker called me this morning, and she is up to 136!

Please pray for a couple things....

1. My AWESOME wife, Ker to have total PEACE and REST!


3. Reese's sodium levels will reach normal soon, so she can come home!

4. PRAISE REPORT - They know why she had these episodes (because of the surgery), and they have it under control. The Doc told Kerry that Reese will be fine! THANK YOU LORD!

We love and appreciate you all!


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