Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Huge...HUGE Day for our MAMA MIA!!!!

Last Sunday, April 27 was a life changing day for our little Mia.
Nick Vujicic was speaking at Highlands Church (check his video a couple blogs down), Nick is the 25 year old man who was born without arms or legs. This man has made a HUGE impact on our family, and we had to see him in person.
Ker and I brought Faith and Mia into the service to hear his powerful testimony! At the end, Nick shared the gospel, and asked for those who wanted to dedicate their lives to the Lord to come down to the front.
MIA WANTED TO! Mia asked Ker and me if she could go down to the front....I (DAD) took her down to the front where we both knelt and Mia prayed the prayer of repentance!
We then got to meet Nick, and he asked Mia if she had given her life to the Lord, and Mia said "YEP!"
He then asked for a hug, and told her that he loved her!
Kerry and I then thought about the day later that night, and have come to this realization. If we hadn't experienced what we have with Reese, we probably would have never gone to the service that day, and Mia probably wouldn't have given her life to the Lord..... But since Nick has had such a ministry to our family because of what we are dealing with, we had to see him!
And she also lost her first tooth that night too!

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  1. Oh how WONDERFUL! Mia, we are thrilled for you. I asked Jesus to come into my life when I was about your age and feel so privileged to be HIS for all these years.

    I love your beautiful, happy eyes, your spacious, winsome smile and your heart that belongs to Jesus.

    Gary and Debbie Brown


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