Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Thank you for checking in on Reese.  She is doing OK with a few positive changes to report.  Although she is still seizing a few times a day, she is no longer crying through the episodes.  For a while it seemed like she was in pain.  We prayed hard for that to end and it seems it has since we started the latest medicine.  Her seizures come in clusters of  spasms--sometimes very subtle--with a few seconds in between.  The length and frequency of the clusters seem to change daily.  Some days the clusters are long and less frequent and the the next day they will be short and more frequent.  I can't say we see any patterns lately, other than the fact that Reese is less cranky, so that makes us happy.  We are weaning her off of another med this week, so we are looking forward to her beautiful smile very soon.  She has been much more alert lately, which has been fun for her mommy and daddy.  We love to look into her bright, big blue eyes and we love it when she looks at us!
We increased the Depakene today and will watch her closely for any changes.  Please pray for protection over her little body.  This is a powerful drug.  We need wisdom as well--if it is not working, we need wisdom as to when to call it quits.  In the meantime, we are believing that God will heal her seizures, praying in faith for complete healing, and praying for a covering over her organs and her brain while we are trying to stop the seizures with all of this medicine.  We have laid our anxieties at the feet of Jesus and we will wait on Him.  I read the greatest passage in Streams in the Desert today about true faith.  If you have that book, read April 22nd.  It talks about how to test yourself to see if you truly are exercising your faith.  If you say you have given your cares over to God and then you still find yourself upset, worrying, etc., then you have not really trusted Him with it.  Hmmm...that hit home with me.  Some days that is easier than others, but that is where I will choose to dwell--in complete trust and surrender to the ONE who created Reese, all of our girls, and us.  Great lesson for me today.  Heb. 11:1  

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  1. Your journal of faith is a HUGE encouragement and a wonderful way to know how to pray along with you and your family for your precious baby doll. Thank you for taking the time to share from your heart and soul.

    We learned this week that after 3 years trying to conceive, Josh and Kendra are expecting a baby. These little heavenly messengers go a terrific job keeping us focused on our Father!

    With love and great respect,
    Debbie and Gary Brown


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