Saturday, May 24, 2008

Eating Green Beans!

They said "feeding tube"...Reese says, "Give me some more green beans!"
Ha!  She loves her food--praise the Lord for that.  I just got done feeding her an entire jar of green beans--of course she loves her oatmeal and rice cereal too.
I have so many things to report.  This is my journal, so I have lots of things I want to remember from this past week.  I'll share them with you because hopefully they will bring glory to God!
First...God is doing the most amazing things with our other daughters.  Mario called me the other day after his morning hike.  He said, "You know how we always have prayed that God would make our girls strong women of character?  Well, God told me that He is accomplishing that through Reese.  He is making them strong, he is building their character, He is building their faith as they watch their parents walk through this valley and lean on God."  How cool...we have always prayed that for them since Faith was first born.  Well, the next day was not a good one for Reese.  She had a long episode before bedtime and I was drained.  I sat holding her and tears streamed down my cheeks.  Faith noticed and came to hug me.  She squeezed me tight and said, "God is right here with her.  He loves her and he made her this way.  Everything is going to be OK."  I was in 9 year old speaking God's truth over me and bringing me comfort at a dark moment.  It was God's confirmation:  "I'm doing something big---just trust me."  Father, this was your good pleasure.

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