Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Better days

Things have gotten better this week. We added the Zonisamide back into the rotation, along with the Depakene and we see some improvement. She is having 4-5 episodes a day, as opposed to 7-10 last week. We are giving this new combination of meds another week and will then re-evaluate with the Neuro. The Physical Therapist came today and was very encouraged by her motion and strength in her neck, although we are still far from total head control. The fact that she "Can" lift her head if she wants to is encouraging!
The biggest milestone of the day...Kerry left Reese with a sitter for the first time! She did fine--we have a wonderful gal who God dropped in our laps. Her parents are friends of ours, she is already first-aid and CPR certified, and she has experience with seizures. She is a college senior and just loves kids. She sat for Reese while I got to go to lunch with the girls! When Mario came home, Reese was asleep but woke up when she heard Daddy say, "Hi Reese!" She turned her head toward him too--she knows that voice!:) God is good! We praise him for those bright moments.

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