Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Reese has had a fever for a week.  We took her into the doc last Wednesday with a little fever.  He thought she might start vomiting (like Olivia had been), but nothing.  She has just been hot--up to 101.5.  We will take her in again tomorrow if the fever persists.  The good news is that her seizures have been fewer and shorter since Sunday.  Hmmm...I thought fevers were supposed to increase seizure activity.:)
On that note...we visited The Little Chapel on Sunday.  "TLC" is a healing service held once a month.  Sara O'Meara has become a dear friend of our family through this ministry.  She is an amazing woman on many levels--she founded Childhelp USA with her best friend Yvonne and she ministers to many with the gift of healing.  She has been praying every day for Reese since we met her in December.  She is an encouragement to us and reminds us to continue to pray and believe for healing for Reese.  On Sunday, as Sara prayed over Reese, she said she felt the Holy Spirit coursing through her body.  So, that is what we will attribute the fever to!  There are no other symptoms--no cold, no vomiting.  Maybe it is the Holy Spirit doing some work on our girl!:)  He certainly has His hand on her!

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  1. Hi! (it's emma t.) Reese is SO cute! I didn't know you had a blog! I love the picture at the top...


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