Saturday, May 10, 2008

Fever gone!

Yea!  Reese is well.  We saw the doctor and he could not find any cause for the fever.  The next day it was gone.  She is doing well and I am 98% sure she smiled at me yesterday.  It was a little half smile and she did it twice, but I need one more to make sure it was for real!  More joy than I can express in words!  She is joy!
The seizures are better--much shorter than usual.  When Olivia sees her having a seizure, she says, "Reese is having a hard time, right mom?"  When it is over she says, "Her hard time is over."  I like that--we try not to use the "S" word around Reese.:)  Please continue to pray for fewer and fewer hard times.
Happy Mother's Day!!

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