Saturday, June 7, 2008


I was praying this morning..thanking God for my wife! I'm so blessed to have the best wife and mom in the world under our roof.
My prayer has been all along that the Lord would keep me strong through this unknown part of our life, and He has answered my prayer. But, it's tough, it's hard to see Ker struggle with the spasms. She holds little Reese so tight, all she can do.
She spent all last night in the ER with Reese. We are leaving for Colorado tomorrow, and we wanted to make sure she was ok to do the trip.
I'm so thankful for my wife.
Thank You Jesus!
Please pray for my Kerry...pray for strength and comfort. She has given everything over to the Lord, with a happy heart. Everyday is a constant battle that forces us on our knees, begging for our fathers peace..the peace only He can offer, the ONLY peace that will get us through life.
I love you Ker!


  1. I have tears in my eyes as I type and thank the Lord along with you, Mario, for your incredible wife. I remember back to your wedding day and think of your beautiful bride. You had no idea what the future would hold but you had found each other to walk hand-in-hand with, knowing Who was in ultimate control. Kerry, you are a great inspiration and held in high esteem.

    With love and admiration,

  2. Mario,

    You know Kerry is one remarkable woman when you can experience Christ's love in her joyous life even through her husband's life and your girls' lives. Thank you for being the husband she needs. Thank you for being the father Reese and the girls need. YOU ARE A GOOD, GODLY MAN!


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