Friday, July 25, 2008


I went on my morning favorite time of the day to pray and be quiet!
Listening to some tunes on the way back, God used this song to really minister to me.
We try so hard to prove the existence of God...when a non believer opposes our beliefs we get all ruffled and try to have all the answers.
What did God teach me through this song..?
We can teach of the existence of God from our beautiful world. His masterpiece! That's it! I can sit down with my kids and marvel at how awesome the Lords creation is, and they see and understand. My 4 girls are another example of the art of God...I'm so blessed that the Lord revealed the simplicity of all of this.
Sit, Be Still, Look and Listen...God reveals Himself ALL DAY, EVERYDAY!
He used a secular song, not a Third Day song, from a secular band (LIVE - Heaven) to really show me how easy it is to prove of Him...LOOK!

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