Tuesday, August 12, 2008

answered prayer

Good news today!
1. We have a contract on our house! Hooray! We are scheduled to close on Sept. 12th, assuming everything goes smoothly.
2. We got a letter from Phx. Childrens Hospital saying they are writing off $3,700 in medical bills. I am blown away by their generosity and so grateful! I love PCH! We do still have $21,000 in bills at PCH and another $1,000 at Good Sam. We received a $19,000 bill a few weeks ago stating that our insurance denied the charges for Reese's last hospital visit. I am praying that is a mistake and will work itself out.

The bad news is that our insurance company is denying coverage for our visit with the neuro and dietitian tomorrow. Ugh...you can probably guess why I am ready to change insurance! Working on that...
So, the appointment I have been looking forward to for the past month may get delayed again. We have to wait for them to work out the details.

Reese is doing very well--having fewer, shorter episodes. AND she gave Faith and me a huge smile today. I was rubbing oil into her scalp, treating some cradle cap. I combed through her hair to remove the flakes, then tried to blow them out. Faith said, "look! she's smiling!" Reese thought that whole process felt pretty good. It was so cute. Of course we blew on her hair for the next 30 minutes.:)

Faith and Mia start school tomorrow. They are nervous and I am sad! We all need prayer...

God is so faithful and is full of surprises and blessings!

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  1. Kerry,
    I saw one of your girl's names on the sign up for the dance class at orientation today... does this mean our girls will be in the same school this year? We love it here. Let me give you some peace, you guys will too.

    I'll be looking for you,
    Tricia M.


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