Wednesday, August 20, 2008


We started school last week, so we have been busy adjusting and I am behind on my blog entries! So many exciting things going on! God has answered so many prayers all at once--I feel so blessed.

First, we had prayed hard for Faith, our anxious one, as she started school. We prayed for a special friend and guess what God did...He put Faith's best friend from kindergarten in the seat next to her! I was blown away! I actually cried and totally embarrassed Faith.:)

Next, we signed the papers, binding the contract on our home today. The buyers can't back out at this point (well, I'm sure they can somehow, but it looks good). They only asked for 2 things to be fixed after the inspection. Whew...that was a painful process. SO thankful for that.

And...we are starting the Ketogenic diet this week. I am nervous but so excited. We have been delayed because it takes so much preparation to get started. We need a gram scale, Ketone testing strips, all new baby products and wipes (carb free) and all of her meds had to be changed over to pill form. Liquid meds contain carbs. We will start with a Ketogenic formula and then move to solids. The doc told me to call him in 3 weeks because it will take that long before I am not mad at him anymore. I asked, "What do you mean? Will she be cranky?" He said, "No, you will be." Ha, ha. He doesn't know how tough I've gotten.:) So, I am assuming this will be a lot of work but so worth it if it works. Everything she eats must be prepared by mom and dad--carefully weighed on the scale--and meeting the 4:1 ratio (fats to protein and carbs).

I am amazed by the success stories I have read regarding the diet. The dietician told me they don't know why it works. I can you invent a diet with out starting with a hypothesis?
She said it dates back to bible times. When people were having seizures, they would fast them and find the seizures would stop. So, using that wisdom, they developed a diet that tricks the body into thinking it is fasting. By restricting the carbs, the body goes into ketosis and starts burning fat. So, that is our goal. I would love to research the roots of this back in bible times.

Hope is a wonderful gift. I am hoping to see improvement and possibly seizure control. I am hoping to release Reese from the medication fog. I am hoping to see my girl smile and laugh. I am hoping and trusting! We want our girl back:)

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  1. LOVE the update! You can sense your joy in the words you have shared! GOD IS SO GREAT! Thank you for lifting all of our spirits, as you share your adventures as a family!


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