Wednesday, October 1, 2008

good days, lousy nights

Hmmm...the latest mystery in seizure-ville...
Reese has had great days since Monday. She went all day yesterday without an episode--that is rare. Then at 5PM, they began. For the past few weeks, the 5PM mark has been the beginning of lots of clusters. I usually give her the PM Meds at about 8:00, but I will start giving them at 5:00 to see if that makes any difference. Maybe the morning meds have worn off by 5:00?
But the good news is...she has been awake, alert, happy, and seizure-free (mostly) during the days! It has been so much fun! She's smiled and cooed a few times too. That is the BEST part of my day.
Sara O'Meara called to check in on Reese today. If you don't know who she is, you need to google her. She has an amazing life story aside from her ministry, but she prays everyday for Reese and believes that God is healing her. Back in December she told us about this and has asked us, since then, if we would have her eyes checked. We have been to the eye doc twice since then, but Reese slept through the exam so they couldn't determine anything. Well, Sarah called to check in on Reese, to ask about the latest exam, and to remind us that God is progressively healing her. I got to tell her (on her voice mail) about the good news we received from the eye doc last week. I do believe God healed Reese of nearsightedness and He is shrinking the lacunae on her retinas. It is so amazing--the night Sarah gave us the news of the healing, we saw an incredible difference in the way Reese was looking at us. It was so obvious that her eyes had been changed. God is so amazing and still full of mysteries. I feel so blessed and privileged to know Him more each day.


  1. We are so so so excited for all that God is doing with Reese! We LOVE hearing all about her! We love her so much!

  2. Kerry,

    All I can say is that you are amazing!! God has blessed your children with an awesome mother.....
    We keep you in our prayers and love your family! And we are firm believers in the healing power of our Lord! Amen!!!!


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