Sunday, December 28, 2008


Sorry it has been so long since I posted, but you know how December is. No explanation necessary.
But a lot has happened in the last 2 weeks with Reese. First, I should say, she is doing really well. She is averaging about 3 seizures a day, and they usually occur upon waking in the morning and when she is falling asleep at night. It is predictable and doesn't usually interfere with her day. Sometimes she will have one in the late afternoon, but at least we get a good morning with her wide awake and interacting.
God is so funny. He struck me down with Mastitis (sp?) two Fridays ago. I went to bed Thursday night with considerable pain in my breast, but after nursing 4 children and experiencing that occasionally, I wasn't worried. I was so tired so I collapsed in be. I woke up Friday morning with the pain still there, but I also had pain on every inch of my body along with a fever! I got into the doc right away--he said I had a breast infection, put me on antibiotics and told me not to nurse Reese for a week while I was taking meds. So, I couldn't bear the thought of putting anything on my breast, let alone the pump, so I skipped a day of nursing. The next day I felt better, tried to pump and nothing came out. Well, apparently that was the dramatic end to nursing Reese. Guess what...that day Reese had one seizure. It was her best day ever. I just had to that what it took to get the keto diet to work? God does what he has to do to get me out of the way.:) Since then things have been great some days and not so great others. So...we shall see. We are still in an adjusting stage. When I stopped nursing, I stopped adding oil to her formula. When I removed the oil, I also removed a lot of calories. So, to get her calories back up, we had to add a lot more formula which means more liquid, which means more bottles, and a lot of time feeding. So, pray that we can get all the formula down her everyday so as to keep the ratios accurate.
Other good news.....drum roll....Reese is off the Phenobarbital! Hooray. Just dropped the last dose yesterday, so lots of prayers needed for a smooth transition.
Other news...she cut her very FIRST tooth today. Ouch! Such a big girl.:)


  1. Loved the good news update! :) Thanks for sharing! The Pic of Reese with Mario is adorable! We're praying your Christmas break continues to be full of good news and improvements! EnJOY!

  2. yeah reese! i am glad to have an update. and it seems really good. love the pictures of the girls! i hope you guys had a merry christmas. keep us posted
    jill b


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