Friday, March 27, 2009


sorry for the delay on the update! We had to leave town for our Spring Break vacation and the days before were hectic and so busy. We were gone for a week in California and then it has taken me a few days to get back to normal around here.
Reese did great in the MRI of course, but I did not! They made me go in the tube with her, and I'm sorry to say I am terribly claustrophobic. Little bit of a short-lived nightmare for me, but that is not important.:)
The Neuro said everything looks "exactly the same". Good news and bad. No emergencies--hooray. Cysts are still there--booo.
The doc threw out the idea of an "experimental" surgery to improve development. We are praying with our whole hearts and seeking second and third opinions. Please pray for wisdom and that God will speak to us through the doctors very clearly.
More later...I'm not feeling great today--fighting something. Ugh...:)

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