Wednesday, March 11, 2009

MRI today

OK...I'm a little nervous. Today is our first Neurosurgery appointment in 8 months. We are checking on her last surgery and making sure the hydrocephalus is not creating pressure on Reese's brain. We have the MRI at 2 and an appointment with the surgeon right after. My stomach is in knots--I hate this stuff!!! I guess that means I need to get on my knees and release this anxiety to the Lord! We are praying for a GOOD report. We are scheduled to leave for a much-needed vacation to San Diego on Saturday, so please pray that nothing stops that. The girls are SO excited.:)
So here's what I am hoping he says:

The fluid is not building up
The cysts are gone!
The brain is developing and we see improvement!

More updates to come later...


  1. how did it go yesterday? and a little request, could you take a video of her smiling and laughing and then post it? i just love little voices laughing...

  2. So? How did Reese's appt. go? I'm thinking of you. Hope you have a WONDERFUL trip to sunny CA!!!


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